Thursday, 12 March 2015

LonVMUG vExpert shirt offer

Those of you who know my twitter handle may know that I am an international Diplomacy player, but I'm a big boardgamer generally and I order a game or 3 from the US most years, so I know all about customs import charges and $$ postage. I'm also a freshly minted vExpert so when I saw the recent email about vExpert branded gear, this was bound to pique my interest. There aren't too many customer track vExperts so I am proud enough of this to treat myself to something to reflect that, but this thought was immediately tempered by the realisation that it would most likely cost more to ship a polo shirt than the cost to buy one. I filled out a request for a quote and waited. Sure enough, the cost of an average shirt with custom logo and my twitter handle added would be eclipsed by the $52 cost to ship by air. So that was that.

Or was it?

I received a mail a couple of days ago asking me if I would be interested in following up on the quote and a quick conversation ensured which got me thinking. I asked how many shirts I could get for the same shipping price and what the next hike in price would yield. It turns out that 10lbs weight of goods would not cost whole lot more to ship.

So here's the offer. If you're a LonVMUG attending vExpert who's likely to be at the April 23rd meeting and if there's enough interest expressed in this during March, then I will sort out the order and bring stuff to dish out on the day. If you're interested, simply tweet me or reply here and then have a think about what you'd want to order, following the link in Corey's email / the vExpert Community site. Once I have a list, I will talk to the company and get back to everyone with postage rates and paypal instructions. Please bear in mind that we could well get hit by a customs charge and in my experience, this is happening with increasing regularity. Polo Shirts have an import duty rate of 12% and a VAT rate of 20% so be prepared to add an extra third on to your paypal transmission. If I can't produce a customs bill, then you'll get that money back before I hand over the goods.

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