Friday, 30 October 2015

Update SRM to 5.8.1 ASAP if you use linked mode

VMware have not shouted about this one as much as they should have, given the potential gravity of the situation. If you use linked mode to connect multiple sites and have SRM installed, then you will not be able to run an SRM recovery when you have the sites disconnected. As in, when you are experiencing a disaster which you want to recover from as quickly and painlessly as possible, as in, precisely what you purchased SRM for in the first place, you're out of luck.

So, if you are using SRM and you have vCenters operating in linked mode, go away now and break linked mode. Now you're safe. You can always put linked mode back, after all. That's a lot easier than trying to put your DR site back when you cannot see the Recovery Plans you spent time creating and testing.

Monday, 19 October 2015

vCenter 5.5 Linked Mode issues on Windows Server

I recently saw a problem where a vCenter linked mode configuration appears to have failed half way through. It's highly unusual in that from the C# Client when certain users log in to certain vCenters, they can see the newly added vCenter visible in linked mode as if everything was perfect. Other C# client users, anyone logging in to other vCenters or anyone using the web client does not see this intended end state. The new vCenter does not see any other servers and running the linked mode tool suggests that it is not in linked mode at all.

VMworld Thursday, or, TAM Day 3

A lot of folks head back home on Thursday, so the train and bus were both pretty empty this morning. The hardy folks who do make it in generally make use of the bag drop today for all those suitcases full of accumulated swag.

I had 5 sessions planned for Thursday, so for me, this was a busy day session wise.  Most of these were TAM sessions, so TCC was my first port of call for some welcome tea and croissants.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

VMworld Wednesday everything else

The first thing I had on my agenda after the General Session was to take a look at Rubrik, one of the companies that have been getting a fair aount of buzz lately and so I took the opportunity to go and find out why. A hyperconverged type solution, a number of blocks (briks, obviously) a nice interface, dedupe, replication, all that seems to be the thing to do these days. What was noteworthy was the calibre (and diverse origins) of the people who started the company and the functionality around search within the backups.

VMworld Wednesday General Session

Poised with the same team as yesterday in the Hang Space awaiting the General Session, plus a couple of extra faces. The raised desks and UK plug adapters are well set up for the blogger types.

VMworld Tuesday - Everything else (or TAM day 2)

I was straight off to the first of my TAM sessions after the general session, covering the ESXi lifecycle. The basic gist of this one is that VMware recognise that customers find it time consuming to maintain hosts and possibly difficult to spin up hosts. There's one tool to provision (auto deploy), another place to go for initial configuration (host profiles) and then another to manage going forward (VUM). Discussions centred on initially not having the majority of this process even available from the web client on through where we are now, what is coming next and then on to the more distant future. I have been asked not to post full details here as a lot of what was covered is subject to significant change over time, so let's just say that the move is towards accessibility from the web client and, significantly, a drive towards faster turnaround times and much less disruption when hosts are being patched in future. This is starting along the lines of intelligent placement of VMs when a cluster is being patched to minimise total vmotions through to more complex matters.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

VMworld Tuesday General Session

A better start than last year since we were able to set up in the Hang Space before anyone started speaking. I managed to get a seat along with @julian_wood, @scott_lowe and @vcdxnz001 and had a go at the minimal setup, iPad for blogging, iPhone for twitter and a bluetooth keyboard. That wasn't as "corridor warrior" as I had hoped, it doesn't really cut it as a practical solution, too slow.

Jean-Pierre Roulard opened up proceedings for us, similar to the US event, the first thing on the agenda is destination giveback and also vmwomen, so again, community before product, which is nice. Then the handover to Carl Eschenbach, Within a couple of minutes of coming on, he mentions the big one, the Dell/EMC merger. VMware will continue as it is he says. Then a Michael Dell video, He apologises for not making it to Barcelona, stating that it has been a busy couple of days. I guess it took a bit longer that that, but we get the point.

VMworld Monday - TAM Day

Yeah, I know, Dell buys EMC for a proper Doctor Evil amount of money, on top of the billions it already owed the banks and VC guys who helped it to go private last year, but like I say, a debt is just a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper until someone actually calls it in. So whatever. VMware is still independent, just as it was last week, so we all have to wait to see just how this shakes out. Suffice it to say, I was expecting #vmworld to top my twiftter feed today, not #dellemc.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

VMworld Euope Sunday

Ok, so first things first, I don't know what day this is, day 1, day 0 or day -1, so it will have to stay as Sunday. That means flying to VMworld Europe day, a number of hours spent in transit, by now the normal Airbnb approach to staying in Barcelona, considering that basically all I will do in this apartment is sleep and shower. OK, and blog.

It's only a couple of hours from Gatwick to Barcelona, but today's transport involved car, train, plane, taxi, taxi, feet, which would have been a lot worse had I not been able to sponge lifts off of unnamed people's expenses :-) You have to love this community.