Thursday, 27 October 2016

VMworld Europe 2016 Thursday - 1 week on

The last day of the show is always the quietest day. Some people are travelling home early, there's less sessions around, certainly no parties after hours to plan for, the solutions exchange gets torn down and basically, everyone's knackered.

My Thursday was relatively gentle, as a reflection of all of the above. I did have a few sessions booked, but in the end, I ducked most of them, other than the mandatory TAM session, as everything is available online afterwards and there were still some vendors to see, some conversations to have, some people to catch up with, generally some time to be sociable.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

VMware Europe 2016 Wednesday - 1 week on.

AKA TAM day 2 for me, I’d got so many TAM sessions planned that it was going to prove difficult to keep the step average up!

Wednesday morning saw me wake up to discover a session which I did not have on my calendar when I planned my sessions, although I was rather pleased to see it there, given that it was TAM 3842 – VMware Cloud on AWS. This was most likely a parallel in some regards to the sessions being run out in the main show during the week. The cloud offering is going to be an interesting play – one potential upside being the ability for VMware to increase the iteration of their features due in part to the very limited set of hardware that the AWS platform runs on, the downside to that being that these iterations will be forced upon the users to some degree, so you are going to have to keep up with the pace of development.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

VMware Europe 2016 Tuesday - 1 week on.

This post will focus on the better part of the VMworld Tuesday, from both a time and an enjoyment perspective. Things didn't start too well, I'd not gone to bed too late, but it seemed that I was party to Barcelona's loudest ever relationship breakup which took place outside my window at about 4.30 AM, which meant that I failed to get to the vBreakfast for 7AM (sorry Fred, I definitely will make it one year!) and I've already mentioned my experience with hunting for power to blog about the General Session in another post, but as soon as the General Session had finished then there was plenty more to get stuck in to.

Monday, 24 October 2016

VMworld Europe 2016 TAM Day - 1 week on

Kicking off the conference in the best way possible is attendance at TAM day (or Partner day if that's your thing). TAM day is a relatively structured day with a number of sessions and of course, that access to the other parts of VMworld which are open on the Monday. There's a growing number of people arriving on the Monday who are neither TAM nor PEX attendees, but there's other conference activities to keep them going too.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

VMworld Europe 2016 Sunday - 1 week on.

For whatever reason, I appear to be posting these a week late. I came back from VMworld with a bunch of nearly complete blog posts and a debt to pay to my better half for a bit of family time, given that I had been away from home for the best part of a fortnight, so bear with me, dear reader!

Not sure if this was day 0, day -1 or what, but this is where it all begins for a serious percentage of the VMworld attendees that I know. The normal approach for most people who are going to TAM or PEX things on Monday is to get in on Sunday and then head to the vRockstar party.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

VMworld Europe 2016 General Session, eventually.

I'm looking forward to the General session today, it appears for once that there is more being announced in Europe than we got from Vegas. Given the early release of some training courses, the forthcoming general session is known to contain the release of vSphere 6.5 (and hence VSAN 6.5 also). The recent announcement of the #VMWonAWS setup, using vSphere Foundation, has also garnered massive interest (there's not enough sessions on this and VMware are scrambling to put more on to satisfy the clamouring from the masses).