Friday, 11 November 2016

Away at MidCon #vDM30in30

@bfd_diplomacy is an unusual twitter handle for an IT geek, but then again, when you understand that the diplomacy bit is the boardgame Diplomacy (and a lot of the people who still play this are in IT it seems) then you might get it. Anyway, in an attempt to step away from the recent IT frenzy, both at work and in the #vDM30in30 challenge, I'm away for the weekend as a member of the organising committee of MidCon a "Boardgame Convention in a Posh Hotel" in the middle of the UK.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

UK VMUG UserCon - Community Focus - #vDM30in30

We're now a mere week away from the VMUG UK UserCon on 17th November, but there is still time to register ahead the day itself. You should also remember that you can simply turn up on the day, as always. We'll be happy to see you either way. If you want to come to the vCurry the night before (7PM - 9PM, in the Premier Suite at the Motorcycle Museum) then it's best to pre-register for that so we know how many people want feeding. There's over 100 in for the vCurry so far and as an added bonus, you also get to pick up your badge here, avoiding the line the following morning.

As an addendum to my post last week around the UK UserCon as a whole, I want to focus a little more on the Community angle in this post.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Fun with CloudCred! #vDM30in30

It's a triple point Tuesday (well, it was when I wrote this and it's OK, they are all triple point Tuesdays) so what better day to take a look at CloudCred and see what it's all about? This is another post as part of the vDM30in30 series that I am trying to keep up with.

CloudCred was launched by VMware early in 2013 as a learning site, with a pretty solid gamification angle to it, which is what a lot of people were doing at the time. Foursquare being another, earlier, example of that approach. You can almost avoid the gaming aspect if you want. CloudCred is a single place to go where new VMware related content is spoon fed to you on a regular basis.

Want to know more? Read on!

A little about me - #vDM30in30

Maybe this is a bit of a #vDM30in30 cheat, but I updated the "About Me" part of my blog to include a whole lot more stuff, as I have not had a lot of time recently to do more with the whole  #vDM30in30 thing. Sometimes they make me do stuff at work and sometimes that stuff goes on for a while. This is Tuesdays post, I have another in the can for tomorrow.

As an aside, here's some pictures of some dogs.

This is why it's impossible to work in the house and why the man cave is a must:-)

Monday, 7 November 2016

The Podcasts in my Feed - #vDM30in30

Every so often, the question gets asked - what are the good tech podcasts that I should be listening to on my commute? (or while dog walking, on the plane back from Barcelona, whilst downhill skiing etc.) OK, I couldn't help it, we're talking about podcasts so bonus points for knowing what podcast that kind of journey related stuff comes from. When thinking of 30 posts to do in a month for #vDM30in30, this was one of the first ideas I jotted down and started work on. What follows is my own list of favourite podcasts, what they are all about and why I like them.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Site Outage - #vDM30in30

I've just had to recover from an outage. Fortunately, this was my first experience of my blog being unavailable since I added the custom domain on to the front of it a couple of years ago, but non the less, it's left a sour taste in my mouth. Repairing it has also bitten into my blogging time somewhat, but has also given me fuel for a blog post.

I'm right in the middle of blogging for the #vDM30in30 challenge, so I am giving my site a lot more attention than normal so I spotted the problem and set out to investigate.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

TAM Customer Central at VMworld for #vDM30in30

So this is a post that comes on the back of a promise made in Barcelona this year to spread the word about TAM Customer Central, an easy promise to keep given that I think it is such a great resource. 

First off, what's a VMware TAM? Well, he or her is a Technical Account Manager who is dedicated to your Enterprise (this is usually a big company thing) from 1 to 5 days a week, depending on what support level/cost you engage at. Your TAM is your route into VMware and a route for Vmware to help and inform you. Your TAM should feed you all the relevant VMware info in a concise form, should be aware of your issues and challenges, get you experts to assist as needed, offer products and services that may address those challenges and so on,

Friday, 4 November 2016

Thoughts around VMware on AWS - #vDM30in30

It seems like everyone and his dog has written a post about this already, so here's mine.

The biggest buzz at VMworld Europe was actually about an announcement that came out the week before, which is quite something, considering that a lot of nice announcements were made over the duration of the show as a whole. If you've been living under a rock for a while, VMware and AWS are planning to co-operate so that by the middle of next year you can run your VMware VM's natively on the AWS cloud.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

UK VMUG UserCon, November 17th! #vDM30in30

In just a couple of weeks, I'll be attending my fourth UK VMUG UserCon, which is set to be the biggest VMUG event in the UK this year. As usual, the UserCon is being held at the National Motorcycle Museum, close to the NEC and Birmingham Airport. This years date for the diary is Thursday 17th November. With the demise of the physical vForum event, this should be the biggest VMware related gathering in the UK this year. Nothing too special about that though, eh? Hundreds of people turn up at this thing every year. This year though, there's something a little different from my personal perspective, as I'm helping to organise it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My Current Homelab Setup

As a confirmed Homelab freak and a#vDM30in30 participant, I guess that a post on the content of my lab would be pretty much expected. I'm a permanent member of staff in a large company, so I do have access to a considerable amount of kit on different continents within which I can play around at times, but I'm still of the opinion that having something to mess around with at home is viable. That said, I'm also a fan of what Ravello got up to in the cloud a while back, so it may come to pass that I don't have another homelab quite like this one again..

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I'm taking part in the #vDM30in30 Challenge this November

As if my November isn't going to be manic enough, I thought I would have a pop at this years #vDM30in30 challenge and do my very best to create 30 at least moderately sensible and decent blog posts in 30 days, whilst also sharing and reading the content created by other folks engaged in the same challenge.

"Why?" you may ask, well, I'm not sure, it certainly wasn't my idea, but it sounds like a lot of fun and, well, it's there. If I write 30 blog posts a year that's something, so 30 in a month? Interesting concept...