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Hello, I'm Dave Simpson, I've been an IT professional for some 19 years now, all of them for the same employer. I'm the virtualisation SME for the international arm of Travelers, a large American insurance company. As you can imagine, being in the same place for that long, I have been through a number of roles, including having been an administrator for Windows, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, a Meridian phone system and a Sequent SE30 in my time.

Virtualisation has been my thing since the days of vSphere 2.5 and I'm VCP certified on vSphere 3.5, 5.0, 5.5 and now 6.0. Gotta get off that treadmill really, one day. I'm also a VMware vExpert for 2015 and 2016. I've designed and implemented a number of VMware deployments, including with that a range of items such as datacentre migration and consolidation, BC and DR,  Automation and Orchestration. I also get involved with the physical server, storage and networking considerations that go with a virtual role. I'm also familiar with all manner of hardware - there's been a number of vendors in and out over the years, basically all the ones you'd expect to see in a big American Insurance Company. I think that's wooly enough.

I'm a regular attendee at the London chapter of the VMware User Group (#LonVMUG), which is a good thing, being as I've been on the organising Committee since the start of 2016. This means that I am now a VMUG Leader for the London VMUG and also the UK VMUG UserCon. I have become more involved in the VMware community over the past few years based upon my involvement with LonVMUG - you can't help it, there's such a strong contingent of vExperts who turn up at these things that you get cleverer by osmosis. I'm also a home labber, which helps for those certifications and for trying to keep up with an ever changing landscape. Having a lab at work alone isn't enough for me to mess with some of the products I'd like to mess with! I'm also a founder member of the OpenHomeLab project. There's a lot of people involved with LonVMUG and the OpenHomeLab project to who I owe a considerable debt of thanks for their motivation, inspiration, collaboration or a combination thereof. Certainly too many to mention here by name. Come to a LonVMUG one day and you'll meet them for yourself!

This blog started out as a bit of fun to do with the CloudCred gamification site a few years ago, but I've kinda been looking for an excuse to kickstart it (again) and with the example set by folks in the community at large and now taking part in the 2016 #vDM30in30, we will see how it goes!

I'm married and live in Sussex, UK with my wife and our pack of dogs which now numbers 7. Fortunately the're relatively small, so I can still get a seat on the sofa if I need one. I'm also a Diplomacy player and travel the world competing in various tournaments. I was European Grand Prix of Diplomacy Champion in 2012 and world team champion in 2015. My Twitter feed @bfd_diplomacy does contain the worlds only virtualisation and Diplomacy crossover.

The opinions stated upon this blog are mine alone and are not to be taken to be the opinion of the Travelers Companies Inc. Most of what I talk about is likely to have been messed with in my home lab or spun off from something else online, or something I attended in person, so you shouldn't infer that Travelers is specifically linked to that either, nor that Travelers owns or operates said stuff.

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