I'm taking part in the #vDM30in30 Challenge this November

I'm taking part in the #vDM30in30 Challenge this November

As if my November isn’t going to be manic enough, I thought I would have a pop at this years #vDM30in30 challenge and do my very best to create 30 at least moderately sensible and decent blog posts in 30 days, whilst also sharing and reading the content created by other folks engaged in the same challenge.

“Why?” you may ask, well, I’m not sure, it certainly wasn’t my idea, but it sounds like a lot of fun and, well, it’s there. If I write 30 blog posts a year that’s something, so 30 in a month? Interesting concept…

For those of you who have not heard of this before, the #vDM30in30 idea is being championed again this year by Eric Wright, @discoposse on the twitters. You can find out more about it on his site, DiscoPosse.com - and now the “master” page for this years effort is also in place. From what I can make out, there’s a thing called National Novel Writers Month which takes place each November, so clearly the modern take on this would be creating a blog post each day of the same month. (Thanks, Rob Nelson for sharing that info). So there’s the 30in30 taken care of. The vDM bit, well, that’s Virtual Design Master of course, the virtualisation/reality/design contest that’s been running for 4 seasons now, the brainchild of Eric and his fellow Canadian, Angelo Luciani, which is marketed as a kinda VCDX lite operation. This is all good community based stuff and all done on a voluntary basis by those involved. Thanks guys, much appreciated, I have an inking of how much effort it takes to put things like this together.

Hopefully everyone will learn at least something from the content I’m going to be sharing over the coming days. As you’d expect, there’s gonna be a whole bunch of techie posts, but I will also be interspersing these with posts about some of the other things that I get up to when I’m not up to my neck in VMs or datacentres. The timing is right for a lot of that, given what I have going on over the next few weeks. :-)

I’m looking forward to the challenge, I have some ideas for some entertaining posts, I’ll look forward to receiving any feedback that you guys leave me in the comments as well as reading all the content created by other bloggers. Hopefully, there’ll be some stuff out there which prompts me to come up with some additional content of my own, as I’ve yet to get my list up to 30 items.

If anything you have read up to now sounds interesting, then there’s still time to sign up yourself if you fancy it - the more the merrier.

Here we go!

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