VMworld Europe 2016 General Session, eventually

VMworld Europe 2016 General Session, eventually

I’m looking forward to the General session today, it appears for once that there is more being announced in Europe than we got from Vegas. Given the early release of some training courses, the forthcoming general session is known to contain the release of vSphere 6.5 (and hence VSAN 6.5 also). The recent announcement of the #VMWonAWS setup, using vSphere Foundation, has also garnered massive interest (there’s not enough sessions on this and VMware are scrambling to put more on to satisfy the clamouring from the masses).

I started that bit off sitting outside, with an early morning coffee and pastry and a few bloggers assembling nearby - Barcelona’s a great place to be this time of year. Unfortunately, I spent the first 50 minutes of the session waiting to get somewhere I could hear the keynote and use a laptop at the same time. I’m here at VMworld without trying for a blogger pass, as I was able to source a ticket in other ways, but I do like to write up what I see and do here. As a vExpert blogger, the tables in the hang space are simply the ideal place to blog from (and my laptops a bit big for a lap and it turned out that my battery was running low (I’d been here a while) so power was a must-have. Unfortunately, it took us 50 minutes to get in to the Hang Space this morning, which is appalling. So instead of providing commentary on the keynote, I spent the first part of my morning networking with a bunch of the other UK VMUG leaders and bloggers. Don’t get me wrong, this was really good, but not what any of us were hoping for as a bunch of us would meet up at the VMUG Leaders lunch a bit later today. The irony was that we could see the keynote on a big screen through the window whilst we all sat in the fake grass area outside hall 7, so it was on and playing to nobody. It was fun watching everyone else tweeting us with the updates though, as they were announced on stage or as the blog posts dropped.

Oh, The VMware Cloud on AWS GA’s mid 2017. There we have it. The ability of elasticDRS to spin up additional hosts in your cloud cluster as needed and the ability to vMotion in and out of AWS is really exciting people. The simplicity of the management interface to allow management of VMs on AWS, Azure, Google and IBM as shown on one of the slides earlier also looks really cool.  I signed up for the VMware on AWS beta last week, let’s hope something comes of that…

I guess we also got the HTML5 client we’ve been waiting for in the 6.5 release, the number of iterations on the fling that I am seeing recently showed that the developers are getting a lot of the wrinkles ironed out.

Although by this point, I am basically playing catch-up so my inclination to blog it is kinda gone. Ho Hum.

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