vSphere 5.5 u3b released December 8th - plus other VMware releases

6 new ESXi 5.5 patches came out overnight. Click here for the full release notes. Your post update 3 VUM baseline would now look like this…

Vendor ID Title KB Article Fixes
ESXi550-Update03 Update 3 Rollup package vSphere 5.5 Update 3
ESXi550-201510401-BG Updates esx-base KB2133825 Resolves issue with snapshot consolidation/deletion
ESXi550-201512101-SG Updates esx-base KB2135795 Updates OpenSSL to openssl-1.0.1p
ESXi550-201512102-SG Updates tools-light KB2135796 Includes fixes released in VMware Tools 10.0.0
ESXi550-201512401-BG Updates esx-base KB2135436 Fixes to resolve 37 individual PRs
ESXi550-201512402-BG Updates ehci-ehci-hcd KB2135792 Provides USB 3.0 support for modern chipsets
ESXi550-201512403-BG Updates tools-light KB2135793 Includes fixes released in VMware Tools 10.0.0
ESXi550-201512404-BG Updates lsi-msgpt3 KB2135794 Resolves drives detection issue with multiple HBAs

There’s also a new vCenter 5.5 U3b as well, as detailed here. Make sure your SRM 5.8 install is at 5.8.1 rather than before upgrading vCenter and do vCenter before your hosts!

The other December releases:

vRealize Code Stream Management Pack for IT DevOps 1.0.0
VMware Software Manager - Download Service 1.3vSphere Big Data Extensions 2.3vRealize Hyperic 5.8.5Horizon View 6.2.1
Realize Operations for Horizon and for Published Applications 6.2.0
Mirage 5.6
Horizon Flex 1.6
Fusion 8.1.0
Workstation Pro 12.1

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