Why Now?

Why Now?

Why start a totally new blog about virtualisation topics at this late stage in the game, when there’s already a whole host of excellent sites out there? Sites I use myself regularly, too. I’ve shied away from this before, thinking that I will find it difficult to be on top of the game enough to provide useful content to complement existing sites.

Well, there’s this thing… The other day I found out about a website called CloudCred, which is basically a VMware backed educational website, which incentivises its members to develop knowledge and build collaborative teams via gamification. You perform tasks, learn stuff, download or implement stuff, spread the word about other blog posts or advances in the field of virtualisation (Well, VMware’s virtual offerings, and selected partners at least) and you are awarded points. You’re encouraged to form teams and perform team tasks.

That’s all simple, fun stuff, nothing really new there, but it was just one more incentive for me to start blogging around virtualisation as, well, I’d get points for it and we all know points means prizes. Pens, pins, t-shirts, that kinda promotional gubbins. I’m a sucker for free stuff.

However, that was not all it was for. Maybe I have something useful to say occasionally, maybe I will learn somthing in the process huh? It should be an interesting ride, regardless.

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